Tuesday, October 21, 2008


No, No, No, please do not look at your wrist watches or try to glance at the wall clocks. That's not the time I am asking about. I was trying to ask you about the concept of time.

Well, unlike matter, time is not an independent entity. it is merely a concept that emerges out of the status of evolution of any system including the universe as a whole. if there is no phenomenal changes in the state of a system in any form whatsoever, the concept of time is bound to lose its meaning altogether. In nature, we find systems evolving spontaneously and we characterise their evolution by an abstract parameter called time. keeping pace with such self-induced evolutionary manifestations, this parameter runs without stop, while the concept of the "present" remains eternally frozen, The measure of time is nothing but the co-ordinate of this ever-running "present" in terms of the above parameter. Every instant that elapses, the present moves a bit ahead, engulfs the future and merges with the past. And in course of such evolution, every system passes through a definite sequence of states. The connecting thread being apparently ensured by casual relations, leads to the apparent flow of time in a particular direction, namely from the past to the future.

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